Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the minimum investment?

€30,000 to give a return on the investment of 12%, €3,600pa.

2. What is the maximum investment?

You are able to purchase a complete Park or Parks. Contact the sales team for details to match your investment.

3. How can the % return be guaranteed?

ENEL have guaranteed to buy the electric and there is a fixed price contract in place for 20 years.

4. Is the return tax free?

Yes because of the Italian government incentives and monies paid out as net of taxes.

5. What happens if the towers breakdown?

Where is enough capacity to give a constant supply from the other towers, the maintenance is covered 24 hours per day and the towers carry a 20 year guarantee.

6. Are there any additional costs on top of the
investment money?

There is an additional one off charge of €700 in legal fees and issuing the share certificate.

7. Have you permissions to build and sell the electricity to ENEL.

We have all the necessary permissions in place to build up to 10 Wind Parks. We are seeking 10 more additional sites

8. When will I receive my first payment?

When your investment is finalized within 60 days.

9. Can the monies be paid in different currencies?

Different currencies transfers can be made but it is better that you find the best exchange yourself from Euro to your own currency.

10. Will the contracts be in my own language?

The contracts will be in Italian and normally the English language as well.