Why Invest in our Wind Energy Park?

Quick calculation below shows why invest in our park.

Creating energy parks is becoming increasingly interesting for private investors.

energy growth1During the period from 2002 to 2014. total production of renewable energy in the EU increased by 67%, the average annual growth rate of 7,4%

According to analysts, until 2035, the year the total investment in alternative energy will be about 5,7 trillion euros.

wind energy italyProduction of wind energy in 2014 in Italy was 8,4 TWh, consumption is growing, regardless of crises and economic relations.

Authors Global Wind Energy Outlook predicts that wind farms by 2030 the world will give up to 22% of electricity.

Distribution of wind energy capacity

energy distribution chartWind power industry in recent years was the most financially-intensive alternative energy industry in the world. About 60% of wind turbines are installed in Europe. The world rapid development of wind power industry contributes to the state policy of many countries.

Prospects for the development of energy parks in Europe

energy park development growthThe share of energy parks in the power supply system can be improved through the implementation of large-scale events in the field of energy energy saving. The European Union in 2010 installed 40GVt of wind turbines, and by 2020 plans to install another 230 GW.

Energy investor Warren BuffettWarren Buffett invests in renewable energy!

Warren Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway has invested in the sector of renewable energy – wind farms in Iowa and solar farms in California, willing to invest in energy sector another $15 billion.

The Rockefellers are investing in renewable energy!

Energy investor Rockefellers

The heirs of John D. Rockefeller, who made his fortune on oil, investing in renewable energy `for the sake of health planet`. According to `BBC`, 50 billion Rockefeller assets will be reinvested in the development of green energy technologies.


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