Our Wind Park Project Italy

Comune of Cardinale – Calabria – Italy

wind park location detailed

Study of Practicability

Wind Park Speed Chart Italy

The Wind Park study of practicability has been thoroughly researched and the ideal location has been approved for construction of 14 wind generators on property.

Wind energy park consist of a piece of land with installed wind generators, which are united in common substation and connected to state power lines.

A wind turbine with a capacity of 1 MW in 20 years of operation saves about 29 thousand tons of coal or 92 thousand barrels of oil.

This new park construction offers investors an incredible ground floor opportunity to own a portion of this commercial real estate venture.



Comune of Cardinale – Calabria – Italy

The territory of Calabria is washed by three seas, which makes the region strategically right for assembly wind energy eco parks.

The map below shows the wind park location. You may zoom in on map and select satellite view for a detailed view of the park location.

Map of Wind Park Location


The present document gives technical and financial characteristics relative to the achievement of a plant for the production of electric energy from a wind source through the installation of n? 14 wind turbines each with a nominal power of 60 kW. The plan is constructable  as much as it obtains all the required permits, the TICA  is totally operative and theright of surface’s contract of the areas concerned about the intervention has already been acquired.

Professional Activities

  • Cession of surface’s right;
  • Study of practicability;
  • Preliminary estimation of the production of the place through Atlas;
  • Preliminary plan and redefinition of the layout of the plant;
  • Transfer Connection (TICA);
  • Transfer of the necessary construction permits (DIA);
  • Geognostic survey (penetration test, MASV, ) required for the writing of a geological, seismic and geotechnics report;
  • Geological report;
  • Seismic report;
  • Executive Planning of the plant;
  • Geotechnics report;
  • Structural calculation of foundation works;
  • Seismic authorization for all the structural works;
  • Enel Files management until the connection;
  • Instrumental examination of the Protection System of interface with certified equipment;
  • Writing of a Safety and Coordination Plan  according to the D.lgs 81/08;
  • Construction activities and construction supervision;
  • Construction supervision according to the D.lgs 380/01;
  • Safety coordination in the design phase according to the D.lgs81/08;
  • Safety coordination into execution according to the D.lgs 81/08;
  • Writing of the dossier of the work according to the d lgs 81/08;
  • Closing works with the local authority of electric energy (ENEL);
  • Practices stacking of the plant;
  • Practices UTF to opening electrical workshop;
  • ENEL  test of the plant;
  • Writing a report on the completed structure (RSU);
  • Static test of the plant;
  • GSE practices to obtain the incentive rate;

Permissions list

Below there is a list, in scrupulous chronological order, all the authorizations, opinions and license for the achievement of the work:

  1. Surface’s right contract of the land awarded  to King’s Wind 2 by Mr.Corrado Gregorio.
  2. Plan of connection to the net BT of Enel Distribution for the turbines Hummer of 60 kW approved.
  3. Simplified Qualifying Procedure according to the art. 6 of the D. lgs n? 28 of March 3rd 2011 for each generator.
  4. Seismic authorization.
  5. Legitimacy about town-uses of the land approved by the Comune of Cardinale.

Our Wind Generators

wind turbine type

Developed from very tested technology which has been used in a hundred installed and operative plants, Hummer 60 kW is characterized of a rotor with three blades having a considerable diameter and an innovative system of conversion of the produced energy.   The plan of the plant  is based on the idea of simplicity:

  • Simplicity of conception: it is largely composed of standard industrial components, reliable and easily available.
  • Simplicity of authorization: is sufficient a P.A.S. (Simplified Authorized Procedure).
  • Simplicity of transport: it is transferred only with a standard dimension mean.
  • Simplicity of installation: is installed only with a crane, without cab.
  • Simplicity of net connection: it will be a low-tension.

Hummer 60 kW is endowed of a rotor of a considerable diameter in proportion to its nominal power; with an interested surface of 340 m², it catches 5 times more wind than a medium  wind turbine  of 20 kW with a rotor of 9 m. The detailed interested surface results particularly elevated and this  makes it able to assure the production of about 30/ 50 % superior to those carried on the Italian Wind Atlas. This advantage is particularly evident in sites few windy.

energy1Two bearings SKF assure both reliability and longevity of the wind turbine, functioning at high temperature 150?- 350? C and a time of work oscillating between 60.000- 100.000 hours, guarantying also important economizing on costs of maintenance.

The flange is realized in high durability steel to which are linked the blades built in a sole unit, of a composite material, with an outline able to transform in an efficient way wind energy in mechanical energy.

The ship is assembled on the supporting tower, composed of three cylindrical parts of zinc-coated at warm temperature , connected through flanges, height of the tower, with the hub 24 m high, permits the rotor to work in spite of the most intense turbulence.

The electric energy produced, three phase at variable frequency, can be introduced in the net after it is converted in electric energy at constant frequency and tension. To this end is dedicated a particular system of conversion composed of an industrial inverter for permanent motor-magnet like Aurora Power One.

The control of the wind turbine is realized through an industrial PLC (Logic Planning Controller) created by Siemens, provided with a local display and with a system of remote diagnostic  through modem GSM. All the functioning parameters are constantly controlled by PLC, through specific sensors: wind direction and speed, alternation speed of the rotor, orientation of the produced power, system of conversion and control temperature.

wind energy italyThe whole system is planned in “fail safe”, that is to say also in case of a system of control total anomaly, the wind turbine is automatically put in a condition of security ( rotor stopped). The electric board of the system of control includes all the interface devices needed for the connection to the electric net according to the laws in force(DK5940).

The system of conversion and the electric board of the system of control are situated in a small cabin which must be situated at the foot of the support tower. In the same cabin could be installed the bidirectional meter which represents the device of connection to the net.

Incentive system

energy growth1The incentive mechanism D.M. of July 6th 2012 permits to the mini wind plants, from 20 kW to 200 kW, the possibility to enter with a fixed all inclusive rate distributable from the manager of Energetic Services (GSE) on condition that there is the total cession of the energy produced. At the end of the incentive period (20 years) is possible to choose the sale of the energy on the market, the sale of the blade structure as simple metal. Is estimated an incentive basic rate, for the 20 years of life of the plant, 0,268 €/kWh. The last rate is that considered for the estimation of the profit of this  wind plant, which economic and financial results are specified below.

Business Plan

The conditions of the plan are:


 Number of machines installed

n° 14

 Total installed power

14x 60 kW= 840 kW

 Medium wind speed

m/s 8.1

 Theoretic production of each generator

kWh 228.044,00


 All inclusive incentive rate

/kWh 0,268

 Annual maintenance cost of each generator (from the 3rd year)


 Annual assurance cost of each Generator

980, 00


4 (years)