Wind Power expected to grow 30% per year!


logo-trans-en-GBWind power has been experiencing an extraordinary development in the last few years. And it is expected to grow at a rate of 30% per year in the near future.

In Italy it has been the source that has reported the highest growth in the last decade.

Our presence is strong and rapidly expanding in Europe, Latin America and North America, in particular in the US, where we have plans for nearly 1,000 new MW.

Enel Green Power intends to continue its commitment towards the protection of the country’s landscape, and guarantee both the highest attention to the harmonisation of wind farms into the surrounding environment and the social enhancement of the concerned areas, while constantly focusing on innovation and on the new frontiers of wind power, such as for example off-shore plants.

As for the plants currently under construction, the guidelines developed by Enel Green Power include the development of layouts that comply with environmental protection requirements, using an adequate dimensioning of the number of turbines per area. Other measures have been taken such as: low reflection coatings and “hidening” paints that are being tested with the collaboration of several universities, in particular for off-shore plants.

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